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A few years ago, 2012 to be exact, we at Pekant fell in love with a simple small nut that is the Pecan Nut. Get to know the nut better, and you'll soon appreciate our love. This nut is so versatile, that you should picture it wearing a tuxedo, but with running shoes!

We present to you one of our Creators most stunning bites of health in an array of different forms to use in your daily busy life.

Page through our products list, read our blogs and talk to us. After all, we are all human bound together by good food, great friends and a love for an adventurous story – be it from a kitchen in Sandton or the top of Sani Pass.

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So impressed with the new Pekant Protein Pecan bar! Great taste , amazingly healthy with no funnies and amazing value for money! – Rhys Foster, Avid sports lover and contender for the Eland award

Julle moet dit probeer, dit is regtig baie lekker – Debora Cronje, knows good food

It tastes like more! – Anonymous crazy runner

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