Protein Bar
November 13, 2016
Protein Pecan Bite
March 9, 2017

Granola Bar


Granola Bar Ingredients are
Granola – a Mixture of rolled oats, brown sugar, non hydrogenated vegetable oil, golden syrup and salt
Pecans – What the fuss is all about
IMO Prebiotic Fibre – Food for the “good bacteria” in your digestive system
Brown Rice Syrup –  A sweetner made from wholegrain rice.
Maple Syrup – syrup made from the xylem sap of maple trees
Cinnamon – the spice that makes you think of pancakes
Salt – Adding to the taste to be just perfect

Each 35g serving contains:
Energy 619kJ
Protein 2,4g
Glycemic Carbs 19,8g
     Of which sugars 5,9g
Total Fat 8,1g
      Of which Saturate 1,3g
Dietary Fibre 6,9g
Total Sodium 33mg

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A healthy anytime pecan snack with a maple and cinnamon flavour, it almost feels like a cheat snack. Sold in a box of 16

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